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What is or was your best defense of rabbits , squirrels... (pets only)

9 years ago
last modified: 9 years ago

Well this was mine with the youtube vids below the pesky rabbit, but he passed last ysummer and used to send him out to my yard back in his better days before he went to Frisky Heaven to search. And today I found this along with about 6-7 others so what should I do?

I heard I should not mow the grass yet since they are still young. Gona call the humane society up within the next few days. I feed them water and give them carrots and lettuce but could that backfire on my tomatoes?

Anyway here are some links to my old friend "Beno the Cat" we rescued him when he was around 5.

I guess this post will be about Show your photos or videos of your best pet for tomato protection!

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