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Sweet Cherries to Plums advice for insects/disease?

9 years ago

I posted last year on this forum and got some great advice and help! My sweet cherry trees and sour cherries were losing leaves and wilting here in Northern Indiana. Thanks to the great advice I found out that the culprit was aphids. Nailed the problem with the help from some great people here on the the forum. Well the trees were so stressed I lost over the winter my 10 year old Rainer, a Lapins, and a Montmorency cherry. Now I am replacing two of them by switching to plums, not sure if they will be any easier than cherries, but giving them a try. Have a Black Ice plum and a Bubblegum/Toka for cross pollination. Any advice on how to handle and nurture the plums would be appreciated. In addition I would love some advice how to keep the pest's at bay on all of my fruit trees-Sweet Cherry Rainer, Windsor, dwarf sour cherryNorth Star, apples-Pink Sugar, Mutsu, Fuji, and Florina. Also would love to hear what your strategy is to keep the tree's healthy and free from disease and pests. Thanks in advance as always you guys are great.

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