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Best potting mix for curry leaf plant (murraya koenigi)

8 years ago
last modified: 8 years ago

Hi all,

I am trying to find out the best potting mix for curry leaf plants.. I have few of different sizes from 3" seedlings to 8" plant.. I came across may mixes like 5:1:1 mix, 5:1:1 gritty mix, ready made potting mix(personally used supersoil potting mix & kellogg potting mix). Could you pls share your experiences with what worked best for you. I'll start with my exp.

My experience.

Earlier we use to live in bay area(Cupertino, CA). I have made my own mix with peat, perlite & compost(1:1:1). I also use to regularly feed my plant with fish emulsion & some Vermicompost & this gave me a good success. Now, we moved near LA(Torrance, CA). Here our temp doesn't go up much(look like not much above 90's during peak summer & evenings are cooler). My que is will the same mix I used wotk for me.. I am bit curious to try al's 5:1:1 mix if it rill work for my curry plant. As I gave away bo my big trees, I am really missing them. I really want these babies to grow faster.