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Making a bonus room over the garage into real, liveable space

8 years ago

Our house plan shows a bonus room over the garage. It's 24x13 with sloped walls.

I know that to make it liveable space, we'd have to go with "upgraded" floor joists, install ductwork, (because it'd be the only upstairs room) perhaps a separate heat pump, and then the "finishing" of drywall, carpet, whatever.

Because we don't need this space NOW, I don't see much point in spending this money.

However, I do believe in flexibility for the future, so here's my question:

What kind of price difference are we looking at between just simply building it and having it for storage ... vs. doing the "live load" flooring and ductwork so that in the future we could do the expensive stuff, if we ever choose to do so? I mean, are we talking about a couple thousand ... or is it really expensive?

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