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Co-op manager dictated: "Clematis & 'ugly swim noodle trellis' must go

I called the co-op office today to find out why my garden spigot was not delivering water. The nasty vindictive co-op manager happened to answer the phone. Seems that the pipe feeding my spigot was the one leaking into the board room under my building. So they shut it off. No attempt, I'm sure, to ever fix it. This is a well-known punitive gesture they do to "punish" uppity residents who seem to suffer from having a mind. Also, he demanded I remove my "ugly" swim noodle trellis for my clematis and remove the clematis, too. Now I have to remove the trellis and rehome my beautiful Nelly Moser clematis, just as it's growing up gangbusters. I guess I won't even install my cute wire cat face coir-lined basket. After all, the cat has sort of pointy ears and we can't have anything pointy--might remind him of his head, I guess.

So now I have to figure out how to water my garden without a spigot. I'm thinking of buying a very large bucket, setting it into my shopping cart, and filling it from the spigot in the back of the building. There must be some sort of hand operated pump to then suck the water out of the bucket and spray it.

Can you believe this? He's worse than a nest of voles, moles, etc.

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