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2014 Report on Losses

....drum roll please....lots of noise........N O N E!!! Please pardon my glee, but I am so darned relieved and happy!!!

In my 5b zone, I rarely worry about the survival of in-ground hostas ... They just do their thing and keep growing, but since I started my potting experiment at the end of the 2013 season, I thought some of you might be interested in my results so far.

After my walkabout this morning, all 20 of the remaining potted hostas are accounted for and display sturdy/firm pips that are actively growing. Included in the 20 are the bare-rooted, bagged hostas I started indoors last winter. They look strong, pips are very firm, roots nicely anchored to media and drainage is optimum.

There is less than a handful of Late Emergers (planted) that haven't pipped yet, but after a bit more sunshine and warmer temps, I am certain they will push through soon. I can see and feel by the fuzzy crown that held last year's eye/s that all is well thus far.

I should look up the hosta dictionary to see what the correct terminology is for the "fuzzy tufts" that were last year's eyes. Anyone know it off-hand?

In conclusion, considering that I lost 17 potted hostas last year, this is a great way to start the 2015 growing season!

Is it too soon yet or do you know how you fared?

It's always interesting to note which hostas failed to return and why. For example, last year Rainforest Sunrise was reported by a few of us as NR (non-returnees) or MIAs. I don't recall if any of us knew the reason for their demise.

Let's compare notes, shall we? Sharing information is always educational and enlightening, whether it be negative (loss) or positive (gain or status quo).

Looking forward to your input. :-)


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