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Reviving old orange tree in new house. Worth trying to save?

8 years ago

Is my orange tree going to make it?

When I first looked at the place in january there were tons of oranges on the tree, about 2 weeks ago the last of it fell off. 95% of the orange had holes in them as if bugs got in them.

The fruit that wasnt touched, was actually some of the best oranges I ever had.

The house was a foreclosed home, sat around for awhile before remodeled, sat on the market for 3 months, then had a long closing date that took another month and a half.

The leaves at some of the tips are yellow and curling upward.

There were also a TON of dead twigs and limbs and I spent about 2 full days trimming and clipping everything I could. There is still some but I got probably 85% of the dead stuff out.

Since I have been watering and just fertilzied it. I feel like the leaves are getting more dark green and that there is new growth? see the pics below it looks like little sprouts keep popping up and new small oranges appear to be growing.

However if you look at the tree in the 2nd pick, the front has pretty much no canopy. It was so dead. The first couple pictures are from the front of the tree.The back side of it looks very plush and thats where all the fruit is being produced. Also had the most dead limbs still left on since I cant push my trimming pole through all those live limbs. Also the more plush side is running into the wires. I think Im going to have to knock them back or the city is going to come do it.

My dad thought I should just cut the tree down now and plant a new one, but I feel like there is faith with this since it looks like new growth? Or is to much of the canopy gone in the front to bother?

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