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Please help me do the right things for my new Fiddle Leaf Fig.

Missy Benton
8 years ago

Hello all! I purchased two of these beautiful fiddle leaf figs from my local nursery yesterday. I want to make sure I care for them properly from the beginning. I was told to repot them but I'm not sure the best way to do that. I need someone to tell me exactly what size pot to get, exactly what type of soil to put in it (as in get a bag of X), how much to fill (how many inches?) before putting the plant in the pot, what to do with the roots of the plant (do I trim them??) before repotting, and tell me if I need to fertilize, and if so, with what and how often? I think I have light and water covered. They will receive good indirect light and I have a good moisture gauge. Thanks in advance!!

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