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Kitchen Cabinet (TSG/Fabuwood vs. Wellborn)

9 years ago

While we start kitchen remodel project at our home, selecting cabinet sounds a complicated task. Cabinet is the most expensive item & it will pretty much tie us with contractor associated with local cabinet provider.

We received quotes for TSG forevermark silver/gold as well as wellborn premier. It seems like the estimate for TSG sliver is almost 40% less than that of wellborn permier.

Does the estimate below sound correct? Is the risk of going with imported cabinets worth the money savings? Is there a middle ground brand we should look at? Pls advise.

Estimtes : TSG Silver 6 o 7 K. Wellborn premier 10.5 to 11.5 K.

Just for reference here are the cabinets we need:

Base - 12X24, 36X24, 8X24, 1824, 48X24, 12X24, 1 Lazy Susan

Upper(42 inch) - 15X12, 30X12, 48X12,24X12, 1 corner cabinet

Upper(24 inch) - 38X12, 30X12

Pantry(90 inc height) - 18X24

Pantry(90 inch height) 18X9

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