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I hate my Kohler Stages sink. Learn from my mistake

Stephanie Cone
8 years ago
last modified: 8 years ago

Probably no one still here from when I first joined GW about a million years ago, but waving "hi" to anyone who remembers me! (Was Reno_Fan back then....) Just finished the 6th kitchen remodel in 8 years, and thought I'd come back and share what I learned. We put in the Kohler Stages 45 sink and I HATE it. If I could rip it out today, I would. Why? 1. It's LOUD. This stupid sink amplifies every drop of water, every plate hitting the bottom, etc. 2. It's really best suited for an island placement. Ok this was our "bad". We installed it in the same place as our old sink, facing outside. So when you use it how you're supposed to (as a work station or cutting area), you are (in my kitchen) facing half a cabinet. Big mistake. We should have thought about that and gone with a different sink. 3. It's mounted too far away from the edge of the counter, creating a strain to reach over and do anything at the bottom of the sink. 4. It shows EVERY SINGLE drop of water, scratch, piece of food, etc. Having had every sink before, including stainless, porcelain over iron, granite, and granite composite, I can't believe I thought stainless would be a good choice. My last single-bowl sink was $300, was HUGE, came with a cutting board and colander, was black silgranit so it showed NO scratches, water marks, food, etc. Now we are stuck with it because of it's odd shape and having the integrated drain board. Urf. So lesson learned is that if you hate stainless sinks, a $1200 one is likely NOT going to help you overcome that hatred, even if it's a "work station" and comes with various widgets. On a good note, this last gutted-to-the-studs remodel is 99% done in like 3 weeks vs. 3 months like the first one, so they DO get faster!

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