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Anyone Growing Dwarf Tomatoes?

9 years ago

I recently acquired a copy of the excellent new book "Epic Tomato" by
Raleigh's Craig LeHoullier of Tomato Palooza fame. In it he talks about
the Dwarf Tomato Breeding Project he and several others are involved
in. There are about two dozen new dwarf varieties which resulted from
crosses they are doing between an old dwarf variety and different
heirloom tomatoes. The new varieties reportedly have the size and taste
similar to the heirlooms but on an indeterminant plant that is small
enough to grow well in a 5-gallon container. I have not had a great
deal of success with Heirlooms because about the time they begin to set
fruit they succumb to some disease or another, so I am interested in
trying them in containers and 5-gal containers sound a lot easier than
the 15-gallons ones needed for most regular sized tomatoes. Craig has
been selling some of these new varieties along with an assortment of
heirlooms at the Raleigh Farmers Market for several years, so I was
wondering if anyone has any experience with them to share? I hope to
get seed of several and if successful will likely have some to share at
this spring's Plant Swap. Here is a link to Craig's web site. From
there you can find links to the dwarf varieties and a few vendors
carrying seed of some of them.
At his recent book signing he commented that because of the time he
will be spending out of town on his book tour, he will not be selling at
the State Farmers Market this year, but will sell out of his home.

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