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Family of 5 - only 1 1/2 bathrooms. What would you do?

9 years ago

We are an active family of 5 and our bathroom situtation is getting worse as our kids are getting older. I used to be able to bathe all three together in one fell swoop. Now, with alternating schedules, sports practices, etc. we need to make space for another full bath in our home. I have a half bath with laundry on my first floor, off my kitchen. I have a full bathroom (small, outdated but functional) on my second floor where our three bedrooms are. Our home is a New England Cape Cod-style home. I feel like there is room in hallway outside the bathroom that leads to our grage doorway, to gain space for at least a shower, to make a full bath without having to give up having my laundry on my main floor. Those of you that have a full bathroom on a seperate floor from your bedrooms, is it utilized? Does anyone see potential to use dead hallway space to make a larger, full bathroom? Thee garage door can be relocated to what is currently a storage closet. Also, still getting used to the new Houzz integration and can't figure out how to straighten my photos. Sorry.

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