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Contractor removed asbestos tiles w/o my knowledge

7 years ago

What should we do to ensure we do not have a problem in our home after tiles potentially containing asbestos were haphazardly removed?

Hired a contractor to remove laminate flooring in basement laundry room and replace with ceramic tiles. Beneath the laminate were 9x9 tiles, which we believed had been sealed due to asbestos concerns (early 1950's house). We told him such and stated explicitly that these tiles should not be disturbed for any reason.

While I was out of town at a funeral and my husband was at work, the contractor's tile man removed the floor tiles (approx 50 sq feet). The next day, he told us the tiles were not sealed so he removed them (and now wants us to pay for the additional work!). He attempt to reassure us by stating removing them was no problem bc he wetted the tiles before removing them.

I was horrified as I would have never agreed to let him do this work. I would have gladly paid a small fortune to have tiles removed correctly by a licensed company, particularly since this room is next to my son's bedroom.

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