Looking for suggestions for my play/school room....

6 years ago

Hi, I would appreciate your input. This is our playroom, which I am going to also use as a school room for my kids. I need a paint color, and also I would like to get a longer table/desk that will fit one in the middle (me) and a kid on each end. Also, they would move their chairs to the middle to watch things on the computer from time to time. I'm thinking a long table top in the light wood to match the shelves, with some sort of storage underneath, might work well. Something inexpensive from Ikea or that I could find on Craigslist as I don't want to spend a lot here. What about chairs? Windows?

Any other suggestions? I have a huge map for the wall above the desk that I might use, and I may get a whiteboard (or just the easel type).




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