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NEW: 2015 nongmo/heirloom/organic eatables seed exchange

8 years ago

1) octennessee/heather - HOSTING
2) midwestfarmwife

WHAT: A swap with nonGMO seeds!

Why: A GMO seed is a seed whose genetics have been altered. Many people are not ok with eating genetically modified food and want vegetable seeds in a purer form. With 90% of seed companies selling GMO seeds, it is difficult to find Non-GMO and safer veggie seeds. Many seed suppliers have agreed not to sell GMO seeds and have signed the Safe Seed Pledge and I would like to host a swap to get our hands on a variety of these safer seeds.

How: Here is the Nitty Gritty

1) Please only participate if your seed source has stated that the seed is non-GMO or is seed you personally collected from organically grown plants and/or are heirloom seeds from a non-GMO source - and list this info on the seed packets. All seeds will be labeled clearly with their source, year (all within the last two years), plant name and info (heirloom, organic, etc.)

2) This swap is for garden seed, which will include fruits, herbs, veggies and other plants that may have a use other than ornamental purposes.

3) I am fine with up to 3 packs of duplicate seed with any more than 3 of the same seed being considered bonus seeds Seed packets should contain at least 10 seeds - or an appropriate amount if they incredibly small or are quite large as you guys know what is fair. If the seed is something very rare or amazing, go ahead and send it in even if you can't meet this guideline but please note how many seeds are in the package. I will do my best to match these up with someone who would really like what you have, despite the low seed count.

4) I will accept your seed between now and February 15th and will return seeds to you, in your own bubble mailer, postmarked within that same week. Please post that you are participating in the comments below and I will send you my address.

Contained inside your bubble wrap envelope:
1. Seeds for swappin' clearly labelled
2. Postage or cash equal to what you use to send to me
3. A label with your address to attach when I return to you
4. A wish list and/or a do not want list

PLEASE NOTE: since last year, one package went missing in this swap (with all others being sent/received with no issues) this year's will all have tracking added to them.


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