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Best place to buy seeds online?

10 years ago

I'm sure there is a post in here somewhere, but searching for "seeds" is a lost cause on a forum like this. I assume right about now is the time I need to buy seeds online. I do not have space to start anything indoors, so if it can't be planted by seed, I'll be getting it from the nursery (like tomatoes, basil and hot peppers).

Here is what I know I want to grow:
Spinach (have already), lettuce, carrots (have some seeds still, I think), peas. Not sure what else, the slugs attacked the other root veggies last year so I'm not even going to try.
Ruby corn (I saw a note on one site saying to grow another SE type with it, what kind should I get?)
Green beans (something I can pickle, I think I did the blue lake last year, which was fine)
Cucumber, both slicking and pickling (I may have seeds, but the slicing ones never came up last year and the pickling ones were a bit big, I'd love smaller pickling ones)

I don't want any squashes, eggplant, anything squishy. We have permanent apples, strawberries, grapes and artichoke. Sweet peppers didn't grow well last summer so I'll skip those.

So I need to know where the best place to buy seeds are (best quality, non-GMO). And I'd love suggestions on what else to plant.

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