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Is this a new spike on my Psychopsis orchid?

8 years ago

Hi everyone I have had this psychopsis orchid for over a year now, at one point I thought I lost it but it's now healthy with lots of new roots also it has grown three new psudobulbs. I accidently broke the top from the spike I got it with and now it's growing a new bud from a node plus another growth I am not sure what it is. Now I have watch the three new psudobulbs grow and none of them were as thick or looks anything like the new growth so I am wondering if it's a spike? I would be so happy. It was growing in a north western exposure and it just sat their so I moved it to a southwestern exposure and it just took off. I will post a few more pics so everyone can see what the plants now look like, sorry I tried to post more than one at a time but I am using my phone and it will only post one at a time.Velleta.

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