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Help with planning garden/companion planting

I am trying to improve my companion planting skills, and am trying to plan what to grow in my 8 raised beds. (Each is 4 x 8.)

After much research, this is what I've come up with. Would anyone be willing to check my work? If so, many thanks, and I'd be grateful for any suggestions you may have. Also, I'd planned to grow marigolds in most of the boxes and in the ground plot, for insect control.

My 16 x 20 ground plot: Potatoes and Alaska peas (because we eat lots of spuds and I want to can the peas).

Asparagus: A small plot, companion with parsley

Box 1: Tomatoes: 4 Amish paste, 2 Cheddar cauliflower

Box 2: Tomatoes: 4 Red Pear Pinaform, 2 Cheddar cauliflower

Box 3: Peppers: 1 Hot pepper, 4 Lunchbox Pepper, basil

Box 4: Corn, 1 vine of French melons

Box 5: Corn, 2 vines of Baby Pam pumpkins

Box 6: 1/2 box Brussels sprouts, 1/2 box beets, dill

Box 7: 1/2 box spinach, 1/2 box peas, cilantro

Box 8: Onions, 1 cucumber vine

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