Did you do the Easter Newt hunt?


If not, you still have time.

You need to watch your pond for 10 mins duing the day and 10 mins at night.

Link below

Here is a link that might be useful: Easter newt hunt link

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I have!! just posted it, and off to go look at the researchers newts this evening. It is a very active pond it seems....and the newts are not shy.

this spam is a nuisance, damp, what does 'bump' mean?

I must also say, that in my message I put in a word quite innocently, and it has been hijacked and highlighted in green and made into an advert.

it is all very sad.


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I was trying to move up proper messages above the spam ones. Bumping up the message.

I too have tried to email the moderators. Presumably there are none! I wish there was a "report" button on messages like on some message boards.

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Hi Dampflippers,

Are you still out there?

I couldn't do this last year because I didn't know what type of newts I have, but I've found out this year that they're smooth newts. Not sure whether your old link will work or not in 2013, but I'm going to try after leaving this message.

Chip, if you're out there, I agree with you over the old problems we had re spam but I think the green highlighted words are infinitely better than those awful adverts that used to cover over parts of the page at one time. You had a job getting out of them to read the forum! The site has to be paid for somehow and I'm quite happy with things as they are at present.

Come back everyone. I miss you all !!
Big Kid

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