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Help! My frangipani is dying!!

17 years ago

I am very distressed because my frangipani seems to be dying. It is a small frangipani I got from a nursery last summer and planted in a pot. During the summer and most of this fall, it has done brilliantly well - growing lots of new green nice leaves. Just lately, however, it has taken a terrible downward turn and I'm afriad it's going to be dead within a week or two. The leaves have gone yellow, then brown, then withered and fallen. of course, I figured that it must be a watering problem, and indeed, the soil was very dry. I did not water it all summer and fall and it was growing quite happily: perhaps those few big rainstorms we had were enough for it? Anyway, I started watering it religiously but it is getting no better! the tray at the bottom of the pot has water in it, it should be able to suck that up, right? But the soil will never get beyond faintly moist. I know I cannot be overwatering it.

I have included a couple pictures. Should I obsessively water it like 5 times a day? Should I repot it in other soil? I can't understand why my soil doesn't seem to get very wet. Is there anything I can do to save my frangipani? Is it the chilly air? (Brisbane has been about 6 degrees at night for the past couple weeks but as it's no warmer inside than out I don't see what I can do about that).

Please give me advice. My heart is breaking: I love my frangipani so.



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