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Are they mealy bugs??? If so, what now?

22 years ago

Hi again,

I recently bought some fox tail palms from my local market. I noticed some white blotches on parts of the stem/trunk area at first. Then I went to repot the palms and found that the root system was INFESTED with what I think might be mealy bugs?

They are small white 'fluffy/powdery' little things wedged between crevices in the root system. I thought they were a white lace bug, but I'm not up to speed on my bugs and can't find a decent picture anywhere to check.

So I removed every trace of them and the old soil and repotted. Next day ants went through the entire pots from top to bottom - which made me think maybe there is still a problem. (I got rid of the ants) They look otherwise very healthy - new shoots and all.

Can anyone suggest whether I should be spraying anything at this stage? Should I risk unsettling them again and checking the new soil? And if they are, in fact, mealy bugs?

Thanks for you assistance - appreciated.



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