Tree Fern queries

16 years ago

Hi All,

Apologies for this, but some of the material on the web contradicts what I've seen in the 'real' world.

1. Sun-tolerance : I have seen photos of tree ferns which seem to be in full sun, to the extent that they are providing shade for the understorey plants. Is this achievable in Oz's blistering summer sun, and for which species ?

2. Is Dicksonia Antarctica suited to subtropical climates ? It seems to be more at home in the temperate rainforest, and I havent seen any in the local nurseries.

3. Growth rates : I have a Cyathea Brownii (marketed as the 'Norfolk Island Tree Fern') : it did grow quickly at first, but seems to have plateaued. I admit that I have restricted any feeding to mulch and the leaves which fall from my Mango tree directly onto the fern. I have a couple of Bird's Nest ferns under the same tree, and they grow like weeds (fantastic plant all round, this one :) ).



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