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2011 snowfall

12 years ago

It landed and actually sat in the garden! Further up into the hills the kids had created snow-persons and some fairly lethal snowballs from the mushy crystals. Nothing powdery about this fall!

The I reticulata are showing through, and 'Sindpers' (though it's not in flower). My remnant of I bucharica is offering a spindly stem and I'm hoping it will bulk up after the assault of the Narcissus fly grubs. It was such a big and healthy clump, once.

The tuis are visiting the Camellias, as they always do, and the bumble bees are doing the rounds of Helleborus foetida. The jonquils have been flowering for weeks. The earlier daffodils are both in bud and in flower. One old-fashioned double is already out.

I started repotting the Rhodohypoxis, too. Big healthy corms(?) I'm never sure. They always remind me of miniature kohl rabi (before those hairy leaves show up).

And a never-yet-seen vireya is choosing now, of all the unfavourable times(!), to unfurl. It looks as if it will be more glorious than pretty.

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