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Basic Outline to Follow for Organic Lawn Care

8 years ago

I have made earlier post describing the problems I am having with my lawn; red thread, dollar spot and a lack of color.
I had a lawn service; recently I stopped the service following the last winterizing fertilization.
I live Central Massachusetts (zone 5B)

The lawn consist of Tall fescue and KBG

House faces due north with partial shade both side yards. Front yard only gets mid to late afternoon sun. Backyard full sun.

I have irrigation.

A little more information about my lawn:
It's in a 3-4 year old housing development.
The soil is said to be clay based.
Ph 6.8
We had a late spring the first year we moved into our home the home in 2011.
The builder put in the lawn late because the soil on-site was very wet from heavy snowfall we had that winter, and heavy early spring rains. The loam was spread and hydroseeded in mid May.
I then hired an organic lawn service company, with hopes of trying to improve the soil conditions.

Lawn service technicians notes:
The first application 6/27/2011 organic fertilizer and grub control along with weed treatment.was applied.
The second application 7/28/2011 organic fertilizer was applied to promote greening, build soil, and retain water.
Early fall organic fertilizer applied.
Fall aerated and over-seeded
Late fall organic winterizer fertilizer applied.

I was not happy with the progress of the lawn and switched companies the following spring to a syntheic / organic program which I had for the last three years before ending the service, because of the red thread, dollar spot, and lack of color the lawn had again this year.
In hind-sight maybe I should have given the organic program more time.

Current lawn service notes:
Which they attribute along with the high humidity levels this summer lead to the red thread and dollar spot this year.

There is >1" of thatch, causing a lack of water and nutrient absorption.

Material available at either the local hardware or large box stores are Milorganite, Jonathan Greene organic fertilizers

I also have a Mahoney's Garden Center that advertises organic lawn fertilizers (Jonathan Greene) not sure what else they may have I have never been.

I basically don't know how or when to start with an organic program and what soil preparation (aeration / de-thatching) is needed prior to starting.

Thank You

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