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pruning container fruit trees

10 years ago

im just looking for some advice on pruning some of my container grown fruit trees, specifically a dwarf mop head "Rose Chiffon" peach, and a "Montys Surprise" and "Golden Delicious" apple, both on M9 dwarfing rootstock.
Ive had the peach for 2 years, and didnt prune at all last year, which resulted in a poor yield this season. Would i be right to take it back by about 1/3, and concentrate on thinning out the bushy head?
WIth the apples, the Montys Surprise is a single leader thats put on over half a metres growth this year, all straight up. I dont want it getting any taller as it already reaches the eaves on the gge. I assume i have to take the top off, but how much, and will that enourage branching?
The Golden Delicious has about 4 branches and i assume that here id just generally reduce by about a third?
I should add that theyre all in 50 lt containers and that the peach is also due to be repotted in fresh compost this winter.
hoping someone can clarify this for me as the more i read, the more confusing it gets!

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