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Re: Squirrel photo, why so excited...

17 years ago

You may ask, why am I so excited about a squirrel photo. Well I finally got

some shots of a wild one in the woods. Well, unlike their urban/suburban

cousins, they are incredibly skittish. If they see any movement of something

bigger than them, zip, off they go to parts unknown. I've been trying to get

photos of them all year, and finally I got it. It was such a nice and sunny

50 degree F today (two days ago it was 10), I took a cruise in the woods.

Got to one of my favorite birding spots and just hung out. Saw lots of birds

but none of them were in a spot to get a decent photo. Then this guy came

along. Here's the pics. Both were taken with a Drebel and EF 100-400L IS




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