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Another hint when shooting white

16 years ago

I was experimenting at the refuge today. Unfortunatey, it was overcast and my camera considers that not nearly enough light, so refused to focus way too often. >8\ Anyhow, here's my hint for the day... After you finish your white shot(s), readjust your camera settings. I forgot to and on the way home missed an absolutely fabulous shot of a gorgeous little fawn standing in the road looking at me. I pressed the shutter and nothing happened. AAAAACCCCCCKKKKKK!!!!!! By the time my finger hit the adjust button, he bounded off into the woods. I am SOOOOO steenkin' mad at myself!

On the slightly brighter side, I snapped this mushroom in the morning. Not great art, but the white detail came fairly nicely. 8-] (Hmmm, PhotoBucket resized it - odd, they never did that before. *shrug*)



Sophie ^i^

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