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Lens Dilemna

16 years ago

Ok first of all I have to say that I am not terribly smart on the technical parts of photography and am still learning quite a bit, but I need some advice on a new lense. I use a Canon EOS Digital Rebel with a 15-55mm lens and a 75-300mm lens. I scratched my 300 a while ago and am looking into getting a new lens with a better zoom. So I found this 500mm lens for only 115 bucks and figured it had to be either a complete piece of junk or I am not understanding something about 300 was 150 bucks new and while I know it wasnt the best it worked just fine for me, but I didnt know whether this one was good or is the link:

500mm lens

I just wanted to hear some input on what others thought or what I am completely missing about it here are some shots I have taken just to throw some stuff you can tell I am mostly a reptile and amphibian photographer, though I want this lens mainly for mammals and birds.

Timber Rattlesnake

Eastern Racer


Cave Salamander



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