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What can I do with wallpaper scraps or samples?

10 years ago

Cover some cheap paper mache boxes and make hat boxes out of them

Cover books, mats for picture framing, cut pieces out and decoupage on boxes, frame one of the more interesting pieces for an unsual art piece....

I once saw on a decorating show where they took some antique wallpaper and used it on just one wall of a room, then framed it to look like a huge picture

Doll house interiors

Lining dresser drawers or shelves in a display case

Use in a scrapbook as decorative paper for photos, etc.

Laminate and use as placemats

Framing material for small oldfashioned family pictures

Cover an old trunk with paper

Cut out the part that you like, a focal of the design, a complementary shape, or out of a tight pattern you can do cut-outs of shapes (cars, houses, geese, flower shapes ...) and paste them up in nice focal places.