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How do I cut and treat mirror?

9 years ago

Are the mirror tiles just like taking a mirror and breaking it up? Can I save some money by simply cutting up a mirror? The cost of tiles is way out of my budget.

KimmyStar Thu, Jan 13, 05 at 6:31

I think so...I saw a Trading Spaces episode and Hilde did it.
To preserve the mirror part, it's best to seal with mirror sealer though. Check Home Depot, they have it.
Also, there is a special adhesive for glass, to preserve the mirror.

annsb Thu, Jan 13, 05 at 9:21

I'm trying to remember who it was over at Garden Junk that used to take
curbside mirrors and use them to make cool mosaic frames! (Tech or Pokey?)
Anyways she said that she used a regular glass cutter to cut them.
I have smashed mirrors with a hammer (how many years bad luck ???)
but they really tend to splinter and you have to be SOOOOO careful!
You do get some good pieces but I think that the glass cutter is the way to go!

stxmona Thu, Jan 13, 05 at 10:53

Yep - you can cut mirrors with a regular glass cutter...just seal the back so the oil won't penetrate and ruin the mirror.

annsb Thu, Jan 13, 05 at 12:47
Mona, what do you seal the back with?
Today I just bought myself a pistol grip(?) cutter and was given a free piece of mirror to practice on.

stxmona Thu, Jan 13, 05 at 14:41

I use Spayway Mirror Edge Sealant...but any mirror edge sealant will work. I have had the same can for long time cuz I don't do too many mirrors.


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