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What do you use to wrap the outside of stained glass windows with?

9 years ago

Posted by mimi856 Sat, Jan 1, 05 at 22:58

So, I wrap my outside of my stain glass windows with the lead . which do you like to use. (I once ordered zinc by mistake.) and what do you use to hang yours with.?

Posted by: Calamity_J Sun, Jan 2, 05 at 1:28

On smaller peices I use hobby came, on big peices I use H came and add twisted (like cord) H came inside that, but that's cuz it's what I've got kicking around and wanna use up, It does look good tho, when I worked as a Christmas helper at the local sg shop, zinc came was used.

Posted by: stxmona Sun, Jan 2, 05 at 6:37

Haven't used any lead or zinc for years so can't remember. Usually if I need to frame...I use a wood frame cuz glazing putty is hard to get here. But either zinc or lead cane will work. Usually you just solder on a ring and hanging with chain or wire.