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11 years ago

Well, after much discussion, debate, and numerous proposals on the subject, we now have a new Laundry Forum on THS! Hopefully this will indeed help relieve some of the burden in the original Appliances Forum, where the 300 thread limit was starting to burst at the seams in a somewhat desperate effort to contain lengthy conversations about *all* appliances... thanks, Spike, for making this upgrade happen!

Anyway, in order to further improve access to information on laundry-specific topics, Spike and the THS staff have created another new FAQ section, specific to the Laundry Forum. I, "hardwarehack" Tom, am now working as the Editor of both FAQ sections, and will be re-posting the various laundry-related FAQ articles from the Appliances FAQ here... as well as starting into the large pending queue of FAQ files submitted to me by helpful THS participants. As Spike noted, the transition to the new split Forum system will take a little while, so for now, I'll leave the original Appliance FAQ article URLs intact, for handy reference.

If anyone has additional suggestions for this new FAQ section, I'm about to create another FAQ thread in the main Forum - please post ideas, comments, and formal proposed FAQ textfiles there. Note that outside links (e.g. company sites, etc) are *not* permitted in the THS FAQs, partly to avoid advertising, and partly to avoid the looming specter of linkrot in countless "permanent" files (remember that unlike the main Forum threads, FAQ articles are here to stay!). I will also continue to monitor the "main" Forum threads, for possible interesting and helpful data, that can be immortalized in the FAQ. :)

In short, if anyone wishes to contribute here, there's no need to email me - just post your thoughts in the main Forum, either in the FAQ thread or other threads, and I'll then compile and re-post them here.

Thanks everyone!!


[added to Laundry FAQ: 21 May 2003]


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