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intro and zomg! We're redoing out kitchen!

13 years ago

I've been reading here long enough I finally made an honest netizen of myself and joined up. :) Helloooo, smart home design/improvement people! Thank you for the wisdom I've gotten from you thus far.

We're going to redo our kitchen this summer and I sort of can't believe I've actually reached the life stage where this is even an option. I guess I just wanted to get another dozen sets of eyes on what we're thinking because we are totaly nOObs at this.

Our house: Built 1930 and was tract housing at the time. 3br with a sort-

of-finished attic. Lots of orangey wood trim. Not arts and crafts, exactly, just a modest 1930 brick house with warm dark trim. Unfortunate additions include a 1960 kitchen that has reached the end of its life having already been extended as far as it can with MANY coats of paint; and some popcorn ceilings that we can't get to yet.

This is our inspiration kitchen as far as cabinets and general feel: We would probably put a very light grey-sage on the walls where they have white. We are not changing the footprint but we are wanting to tear out the old water heater closet and put in a proper pantry. We are getting rid of the soffitt (sp?) and getting a new oven and dishwasher. Our refrigerator is fine.

Floor: Environmental concerns are important to us to the point of spurring us to spend a bit more than what would get us maximum return our investment on resale... so, we think we would like cork or linoleum, maybe with a light border and a subtle checkerboard in the middle.

Counters: I'm interested in Eco by Cosentino or Enviroglas (because we are in Oklahoma and they are as close as Texas... gotta include shipping distance in that eco-impact consideration). I think Eco would look better with the inspiration cabinets than would Enviroglas.

Sink: I HATE HATE HATE cleaning the scummy area that forms behind our current faucets that sprout up out of the counter, so I really want a wall-mount cast iron sink with an integrated backsplash and faucets that come out horizontally so there's no scum trap behind them. New farm-style wall mount sinks are pricey so I have been thinking about getting a cruddy antique one on Craigslist and having it resurfaced. I realize the contractor may not be willing to include this in the contract.

We need a new oven and dishwasher but we hzven't started thinking about that yet even though we are both serious cooks.

Budget: We paid $190K for a house in a neighborhood where it's a mix of updated and not-yet-updated homes, and even considering the recession our neighborhood is generally improving. Five or so years ago the nearby university put in a lot more student housing which meant that our neighborhood became more homeowner than renter. There's now a boutique hotel going in at the end of our block which, if it succeeds, will help make our area more walkable and trendy. The adjacent neighborhood was recently named the first runner up up-and-coming neighborhood in our city, and some houses are being listed for the $220s, although $250s don't sell. We plan to be here for at least six years. Soooo... between that and the fact that we're willing to pay a bit more for things that will last and not pollute, I am thinking $45K is a good figure for us.

Cost-saving ideas: Having a handy coworker come and haul away our old cabinets for her laundry room instead of hiring that out.... doing cleanup and wall painting ourselves after all else is done... buying an antique sink and having it resurfaced, even if that means working out the installation separately...

Is there anything else I've not thought of? Like, a million things, right? Sigh. I'm kinda terrified here.

Oh, and incidentally: I'm typing on an ipad touchscreen so please forgive the typos. I can't scroll up and check myself.

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