Creative ways to wrap Gift certificates

8 years ago

Posted by Toomuchglass:
Every Christmas I end up giving out a few Gift certificates - but I HATE just handing a plain old envelope to the person. Do you have any creative ways to "wrap" one ?

**My one & only creative wrap job was a plastic soda bottle with the certificate & irridized easter grass in it.**
I'm just not creative when it comes to wrapping !

Posted by Red_Confetti:
I've seen a pop-up card with a hand inside into which you can put money (or a folded up gift certificate). Of course you could make the hand with a man's dress suit sleeve and shirt cuff showing, or a lady's wrist with jeweled bracelet, etc. When you open the card, the hand swivels up (or out, can't remember which) with the 'gift' in it.

Posted by Sewbeit:
I have used Mylar balloons from the dollar store. Just cut the opening larger to accomodate the gift card, fill with air and seal up with a small rubberband. I have also recycled Mylar balloons for this purpose. Attach a ribbon and Voila' - it's different.

Posted by Toomuchglass:

I'll tell you the Creative ways I got gift certs --- maybe this can get your creative juices flowing to think of more ways!

(1)Certificate Inside a jar of pennies that was glued so tightly shut that I couldn't get it open !!

(2) I got money once ... it was $10 worth of quarters rolled up in a strip of masking tape ....

(3) A gift certificate really well sealed in saran wrap -- inside a jar of jelly ..

(4) A gift certificate inside the biggest wrapped box inside of the Big Box--a Smaller box--and an ever smaller box -- then the tiniest box .. there was the certificate inside !

Posted by Red_Confetti:

*Roll up the gift certificate and slide it inside a balloon. Inflate the balloon and tie off (certificate will be visible inside balloon), along with a few other balloons. Use the balloon bouquet to decorate a wrapped box. Inside the box is just a (straight sewing) pin to use to pop the balloon to get the gift certificate.

*Carefully open the bottom of a box of Cracker Jacks. Put gift certificate inside plastic bag and place inside with crackerjacks. Reseal bottom. Gift wrap the box.

*Slip gift certificate into plastic sandwich bag. Carefully open box of cereal that usually has a surprise or toy. Reseal bottom. Gift wrap the cereal.

Posted by chinacat_sunflower:
my favorite trick is to use the gift card as a book mark- a Home Despot card in a home repair book, an Icky Vicky's card in a bodice-ripper, one for a restaurant in a cook book...
sometimes, they're so thrilled with the book that I get a phone call several days later to the effect of 'I didn't even notice the card until today- it was like getting two birthdays!'

Posted by LoganHogan:
This isn't as great as the others mentioned but every year I recycle the Christmas cards I've received. I buy the craft bags at Dollar tree, ETC and hot glue the the card front to the bag then I attach a really nice handmade bow that could be put on a wreath etc. I've used small cards on small bags with gift certificates and I usually included a new christmas ornament too.
Susan in Bama


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