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What can you tell me about buying and propagating woodland plants?

10 years ago

Posted by mary ann: I just recently purchased two acres of
property in northern Michigan. I have a few wildflowers
including Trillium and Jack-in-the-pulpits, marsh marigolds
and spotted forget-me-nots. Where can I purchase more of
these and how can I best propagate those that I have???

Ronald Conboy Fl/9b: I wouldn't do anything major for the
first year, just let things come up. You might be pleasantly
surprised at what is already there. A great resource for
woodland plants is the Shady Oaks Nursery in Waseca, Mn. And of course there is Plant
Delights in North Carolina.

Linda D. (Lily Pods): Trillium will self-seed. Just don't
pick the blooms if you want the plant to blossom again.
Trilliums are an endangered species here and there is a $50
per flower fine for picking them on public lands. Your land
sounds as if it is quite wet, since marsh marigolds are
growing. You might want to drive around and check out local
building sites, as many times you can rescue a lot of plants
that will be destroyed.