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Requesting Straw Bales/Compostables-Form Letter

10 years ago

Many times you can scavenge straw bales from businesses and individuals who use them in Fall displays or Halloween decorations. This is a terrific and easily stockpiled brown for composting and also makes a very good mulch for vegetable gardens.

Below is the text of a 1 page form letter I wrote to request this material. I printed up a dozen or so copies and keep them in the truck. Whenever I spot a "stash" I stop and look for the manager, make my pitch and give him a copy. The beauty is even if the manager is unavailable you can leave the letter for him and get to make your pitch without having to make additional trips back.

You can also use this method to "troll" other establishments for compostables like leaves, grass clippings, tree trimmer chips, juice bar leavings, farmers markets discards and so on. Just modify the text as needed to suit your request.

If you hit enough locations you will surely wind up with a number of reliable "suppliers".

Print this on side one of the page

Removal of your Straw Bales

Dear Sir or Madam,

I am looking to collect unwanted straw bales to use as winter mulch for a large garden. I would be happy to remove the bales you have on your display once you no longer have any use for them. I will also take away any unneeded corn stalks or pumpkins if you have them.

You can call me at the number below. Leave a message with your location. At your convenience, I will come by, gather up, and dispose of whatever you no longer have a need for.

Please post this note somewhere as a reminder.

Thank you for your time,
A.C. Wacko 555-123-4567

Print this on side two of the page in a large, bold font and centered at the top

Straw Bale Pick Up


Tri fold the page so the large bold face shows.