Milkweed ~ Asclepias

8 years ago

{{gwi:2110374}}Image by: wintersown
Asclepias incarnata Pod and Seeds
Milkweed is an essential plant for any butterfly and wildlife habitat.

The pods are formed in an upright held cluster atop the stems of the plants. The pods are between two and four inches long, slender, and pointed at both ends. When they reach maturity they turn a greyish-yellow color, you can observe the pod split open vertically. When you see the pod begin to split remove it because once the pods split the seeds will soon release. The seeds are floated away on the wind by an array thin silky threads forming a parachute-like structure.

To remove the seeds from the pod split it open with your fingers. Inside are dozens of seeds attached to a central stem by their silken threads. Strip the seeds from the threads and allow them to dry for a few days before storing.