What should and should not be included in a RR?

8 years ago

Firstly, it is important to keep in mind the weight of the Robin. If items other than seeds are allowed by the host or hostess of the RR then all of those people who participate should be informed ahead of time that additional weight costs additional postage. It can be very upsetting to participants to receive a robin that they were expecting to have only seeds in it and instead find other garden related items gloves, tools, magazines-seed catalogs and gifts meant for the host therefore turning what should have been only a $5 robin into a $10 robin.
Second, as a Hostess, I love getting gifts but including them means that everyone on the route of the Robin must pay the additional postage for your gift. These reallly should be sent directly.
Third, seeds need to be fresh, harvested no more than one year from the date of mailing. Commercial seed packed for 2003 should be sent before the end of 2004!
Fourth, all seed should be NEATLY labeled and should include the seeds name. Botanical names are not necessary in all cases but sometimes the host will specify that they be used but Moon flower, could be many different flowers, (is it ipomoea or mirabilis?), Please be explicit.