How do I start a Round Robin?


Please make sure that you are familiar with the FAQ on the seed trading page.

These simple guidelines will assist you in sending out the Round Robin.

1) You will need to have the seeds ready for this before you post, the robins fill up fast and people are always anxious to see the bird fly. You will be the person sending out the box and will need enough to make a full and fluffy bird, assistance may be requested from other participants. All seeds from you and all other paricipants should be neatly packaged and well labeled.

2) Make your post, The first post (announcing the Robin and the rules ) is done as a "NEW" post
Try to be as explicit as possible, ie. only annuals, perennials, vegetables, (you get the idea). You will also want to give the rules, ie, each participant should put in the same amount as they take, but they may put in extras. You will want to include directions for the packaging and mailing, possibly requiring that delivery confirmation be used. Decide and post a cut off date (keep in mind that the later the date, the more people you will have). It is going to take 3-7 days per person and realistically it will take 7 days per person.
Have your participants post first on the forum and then 'email you' with their Gardenweb name, full name, and their address.

3) Once you have the names and have made a list with the route of the Robin, make labels for everyone, include their GW name on the mailing label (this enables a search so you can see if you have something the others want) and number them so that the package just flows from one name to another (this will keep the Robin moving easily). Also include the name of the Robin and your GW name at the bottom of each label. Let all the participants know to keep the host name and address for the return address in case the Robin gets lost, it can then be returned to the host.

4) At this point you will be ready to mail and it is time to post the route on the Round Robin Forum for all to see. If all posts are made using GW names only, you will have less confusion than if you refer to the participants sometimes by GW name names, other times as "Les in NC".This post (with the flight path, and any other last minute details) is done as an UPDATE. This is where you track the arrivals and departures. Make sure that you use the same title for this post as you did for the original. Ask in this post, that all participants post when they receive and then again when they send the Robin.

5) Keep your participants informed. Try to post when you have received the participants addresses. Also post if there are going to be any delays. Remember that everyone is holding their breath waiting for word of when the Round Robin is on its way to them.

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