How Do You Start Hot Peppers from Seed?


Using a sterile, well moistened seed starting mix, start pepper seeds indoors, 8- 10 weeks before the last frost date.
As soon as seedlings emerge, move to a bright, warm location and keep consistently moist.
Select a site with well-draining, fertile soil and at least 8-10 hours of sun.
Harden-off the plants one to two weeks before planting. When temperatures are warm enough, move the plants into the garden. Peppers should not be transplanted to the garden until the nighttime temperatures are consistently above 55°F.
Set transplants 12-18 inches apart in rows 24-36 inches wide.
Pepper plants need regular moisture so never let the soil dry out completely, mulch around the plants (compost works great for this) and fertilize as needed
Crop should be harvested after they are fully developed and should be harvested during cool and dry periods of the day

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