What are the most common diseases affecting chile plants?


Courtesy of Byron

Most popular diseases of Peppers

Anthranose, Baterial Spot, Bacterial wilt
fusarium wilt, mosaic virus, southern blight (AKA Chile wilt).

Here is a partial list of seed borne diseases:

Common pathogens


Xanthomonas c. vesicatoria spot

Erwinia c. carotovora soft rot


Fusarium oxysporum vasinfectum wilt

Verticillium spp. wilt

Peronospora tabacina downy mildew

Phytophthora capsici blight

Choenephora cucurbitarum blight

Colletotrichum capsici anthracnose

Cercospora capsici leaf spot


Tobacco mosaic virus

Tobacco streak virus

Potato virus X

Potato virus Y

Tobacco etch virus

Pepper mild mottle virus

Cucumber mosaic virus

Alfalfa mosaic virus

Tomato spotted wilt virus

Tobacco rattle virus

Tobacco ring spot virus

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