Wire & Copper Art - Technique / Flat Spirals

8 years ago

{{gwi:2110272}}Image by: CMWren

Just a few of numerous possible shapes!

I find that if you use the width of one of the tips of your round nosed pliers as a guide, you can make even increases without needing to guess at every turn. Bend your shape's first "layer". When you need to make the first increase in size for the second layer, set the inside edge of one of the pliers "pegs" even with the outside of the last layer and turn the wire around the outside of the peg to start the next row. Do this *every* time you put in a bend, for every side of every layer; the size of each progressive layer will automatically increase as you go. Finish off the spiral where you started so each side has the same number of layers.

These can be left plain or you can bead them, and they can be used upright as picks or hangers, or upside down as dangles. Be imaginative with shapes, and get creative with uses... Plant picks, hair picks, chain pulls, etc.


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