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What to do in late August?

11 years ago

Zone 7:

Weeding, watering (especially trees -- in a drought year), clipping back dead stems (from drought) and finished flowers.

Starting to cut back the overgrown cosmos and zinnias, the heat zapped them good and it isn't possible for them to be doing any worse than they already are. Hopefully we can force a little new growth when (and if) the temperatures ever drop again.

A little light feeding or light trimming for those things that need it.

Planting new irises and dividing older ones.

Killing kudzu.

Starting to clean up and mulch the beds for fall.

Expanding and starting lasagna beds for next year's garden.

Trying to start primrose, snapdragon and pansy seeds inside where its cooler.

Started hollyhock and echinacea seeds a couple of weeks ago. Trying to figure out where to plant some mums and picking veggies.

Taking stock of what didn't work very well and how I can change it.

Thinking about what to do when it cools off!

Making mental notes of all the stuff I want to do in a few weeks and in February and in the spring.

Zone 7b:

Collecting and drying seeds.

Planting new things, as long as theyre kept well-watered.

I'm sitting in my air conditioning -- let the drip irrigation system take care of the watering -- and planning a new bed for the fall.

I started a lasagna bed of compost for next year's garden.

Planning and ordering my spring bulbs.

Planting cool/cold winter vegetables and annuals.

Mid GA:

Early morning watering and clipping.



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