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Where can I find out more information? Books, Societies, and other re

10 years ago

Books are a very personal call. Each of us has our own favourite (or favourites!). Below is a list of some books that may be useful arranged into three categories:

General/Overview Books:
Best Clematis - Stefan Buczachi
Clematis for Everyone. Previously called Making the most of Clematis - Raymond J. Evison
The Gardener's Guide to Growing Clematis - Raymond J. Evison
Clematis For Colour and Versatility - Keith & Carol Fair
Clematis for all Seasons - John Feltwell
Clematis - Barry Fretwell
Trouble Free Clematis - The Viticellas - John Howells
Choosing Your Clematis - John Howells
Clematis And The Ranunculaceae - Deborah Kellaway
Clematis - Christopher Lloyd
Clematis - The New Plant Library - Andrew Mikolajski
Practical Clematis Growing - Ian Murray
Success with Clematis - Lesley Young

Growing Clematis with other plants:
Companions To Clematis - Growning Clematis with other plants - Marigold Badcock
Clematis as Companion Plants - Barry Fretwell
The Rose and the Clematis as good companions - John Howells

Reference books:
Clematis The Genus - Christopher Grey-Wilson
The Genus Clematis - Dr. Magnus Johnson
The International Clematis Register and Checklist 2002 - Victoria Matthews
An Illustrated Encylopedia of Clematis - Dr. Mary Toomey, Everett Leeds and Charles Chesshire

Clematis Societies:

Joining a Clematis Society is one of the best ways to get information and meet other people who love clematis. Most societies offer advice and information about growing, pests, diseases, new cultivars and other informational meetings and topics.

Other Resources:

There are many resources on the web for clematis information.

Ranging from the comprehensive list of species and cultivars found at 'Clematis on the Web' hosted by Hull University, through the many personal sites put together by clematis enthusiasts, to the many specialty nurseries with on-line catalogues and cultivation information. Either a search engine or URL references posted on the GardenWeb Clematis Forum will give you links to these sites. We cannot post URLs directly on the FAQ pages.