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What can I do about root rot?

11 years ago

If you have a problem with yellowing, curling leaves, take a look at the roots. Is your citrus sitting in a pan of water. That is a No-No. It should be planted in well drained soil. If it is too late to worry about overwatering, then you need to do one of two things. (1) repot in fresh, well drained soil. When you dig out the roots, smell of them. If the roots smell sour, you have a bad case of root rot. You should mix a solution of 20% chlorine blech and 80% water. Wash the roots before repotting. The bleach will kill the bacteria that is attacking your roots. If you treat the roots soon enough, you can save the plant. (2) If you prefer the lazy way, mix a solution of chlorine each as noted above and water the plant. I suggest a very heavy watering to soak the soil and roots with the bleach lution. Then hold off on watering several days until the top 2 inches are dry. Water sparingly.

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