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What are these abbreviations or unusual words I see in this forum?

11 years ago
Asclepias--plants in the milkweed family
BST--black swallowtail
bidens--a group of flowers in the daisy family; attractive to butterflies
BS--Black Swallowtail
cat--caterpillar, the larva of a butterfly or moth
comma--a type of butterfly
cremaster--the 'stem' of a chrysalis
eclose--the emerging of the adult butterfly from the chrysalis or pupa
frass--caterpillar excrement, like bird droppings on a smaller scale
frit--fritillary, a type of butterfly
GF--gulf fritillary
gregarious--Caterpillars having a tendency to group together or live in a colony
GS, GST--giant swallowtail
GSF--Great Spangled Fritillary
hibernaculum--web enclosure made by hibernating caterpillars
host--the specific plant a caterpillar eats
HP--host plant
id--identify, identification
instar--a stage of caterpillar growth; the skin is then shed like a snake
io--a type of moth
ladies, lady--painted lady butterflies
looper--a type of moth caterpillar
LTS--long-tailed skipper
meconium--fluid expelled by a butterfly or moth after eclosing
NABA--North American Butterfly Association
OE--Ophryocystis elektroscirrha, scientific name of parasitic spore harmful to Monarchs
osmeterium--smelly protruding horns used by swallowtail caterpillars as a defense
ovipositing--laying eggs
peacock--a type of butterfly
PL--painted lady butterfly
pod--as in seed pod
PVS--pipevine swallowtail
queen--a type of butterfly
question mark--a type of butterfly
RSP--Red-spotted Purple butterfly
skipper--a type of butterfly
soldier--a type of butterfly
sulfur--a type of butterfly
TS--Tiger Swallowtail
USDA--United States Department of Agriculture
white--a type of butterfly
zebra--a type of butterfly


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