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Surprise! Surprise! (long/pic)

16 years ago

The back story:

When my DD was four years old, she saw, while we were out Christmas shopping, a bag of wooden blocks. She wanted those blocks so badly. Why? We never knew and could not imagine. Anyway, we had already gotten her a doll carriage and baby doll, and we could not afford to get the blocks, which were $25.00!

On Christmas morning she saw her gifts under the tree, and liked them, but then she looked around and with a very sad expression said, "I didn't get my blocks!" At that point we would have given anything for those blocks!

I often remembered that over the years, even though she never asked for blocks again. This year I decided it was time to grant her wish. I looked around on eBay, and yes, there were bags of blocks!

I don't have an eBay account. DD does, but I couldn't very well ask her to get them. That wouldn't be much of a surprise!

Some of you may remember that I asked if a KTer would bid for me. Fortunately someone very graciously offered and everything worked out fine. And now with her permission I can tell you that Santa Claus's helper was Chemocurl: the other Sue!

Here is the SURPRISE! Photo!


She laughed so hard and long, others were asking What is it? What is it? She couldn't stop laughing, so I told them the story. They all enjoyed it and were impressed at how I worked it out to get the blocks. Later she told me this was the most creative gift she ever got!

We all need a little help from time to time. The KT came through again!

p.s. That is not me in the background; it is my DGD's MIL.


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