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A Christmas surprise 33 years later......

16 years ago

First a little background info. My dad was killed 33 years ago, when I was 3 yrs old and my brother was 8 months old. He was killed by a hit and run driver.

My mom and dad at that time lived in Texas, while all their families lived here in Ohio. When my dad was killed, there were never any pictures taken of my dad and my brother. And since they weren't near any family, nobody had taken pictures of the 2 of them together.

Well, yesterday, my aunt Amy came over. Her husband is my uncle Chris, who is my dad's brother. They bought my Grandma's house when she sold it, and just moved out of that house last year. That house was the house my Grandma raised all of her kids in. So yesterday, Amy is going through all of her boxes looking for Christmas decorations, and finds a letter in an envelope, written by my dad to my grandma and grandpa. My aunt said it was probably in the attic and when they moved it got shoved in a box somehow.

This letter tells how he had just gotten his Texas driver's license and that the day he writes the letter my mom is going to go get her's. It tells how he is going to be getting his Game Warden License soon. And it tells how my brother, Trevor, is starting to crawl, and as my dad says "he's fast and sneaky, just like me! haha!" He also says that things are going great for them, and "couldn't be any better."

My mom and I were looking at the letter last night, and she said she went and got her license on her birthday because her Ohio one was going to expire on her birthday, which was Sept. 20th.

What this means, is that my dad wrote this letter 11 days before he was killed. He was killed Oct. 1, 1974.

I didn't cry until last night when it hit me that he had no idea when writing that letter that he would be gone in 11 days.

I called my Grandma and told her what was found. She said she would like a copy and then would like it given to my brother too. We all 3 (mom, grandma, and me) believe that it should go to him. Finally, he will have something tangible that links him to my dad. My grandma said she also feels that there is a reason that after 33 years, that letter was found now, at Christmas time.

Here's a picture of my dad and me the year before he was killed, in 1973.

Merry Christmas everyone!!!


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