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Have you ever heard of or been to a Swap Party?

14 years ago

One person hosts it. Everyone invited brings a certain number of things to swap, nice things that you no longer want but think your friends might be interested in. Things you would sell at a yard sale, that type of thing, good clothes, purses, cookware, gadgets, etc.

So everyone bring 5 or 10 nice, swapable things and you all tag your things with a brief description. For every item you bring, you get a clothespin with your initial or name on it. When you find something you like, you clip your clothespin onto the tag. After an allotted amount of shopping/browsing time, the swap is over. If more than one person wants a certain item, someone does a drawing of the pins and one person "wins" it.

Leftovers are donated to a thrift shop or shelter. Snacks and coffee or punch are served and nibbled on during the browsing session.

Now, doesn't this sound like FUN and a great way to get rid of things that you are tired of and also a great way to get a few new-to-you things? I'm tempted to do this. How about you?

I read about this in the newest issue of BH&G, btw. They have some great photos that would help with ideas.

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