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minnie_tx...You've made me so happy today!

11 years ago

In the post 'Mourning a fictional character' you mentioned the movie, 'All Mine to Give.'

Oh, my gosh! You have NO idea how long I have searced for this movie! The thing is..I had no idea what the name of it was or who the characters know how to properly search for it.

The only thing I could remember was they lived in a cabin out in the woods and there was snow all around. And I also remembered the husband coming home with a mustach and the wife telling him "I won't kiss a monkey." lol

I know it's been at least 20 years I have tried to remember it. And off and on each time it would come to mind, I'd try to do searches online and could never find it. And I didn't want to ask anyone on any of the forums, because I really couldn't remember much details to give for anyone to help me.

Thank you so very, very much! You have made me a happy lady today!



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